Rockliffe Hall Fiorenzato Ducale"We were looking for an espresso coffee and machine specialists in the UK and were surprised to be recommended a company sitting right on our door-step with such a vast amount of knowledge and experience. We arrived at the Fiorenzato offices on Skipper's Lane Industrial estate not really knowing what to expect. If I'm honest, we probably feared the worst but we were absolutely blown away by what we saw and experienced in the well laid out showroom facility.

The machines really were something to behold. The images on the website do not do them justice and we knew immediately that we'd found the right company to work with. If the look of the machines weren't enough to make the decision for us then the taste of the coffee they produced surely done the trick.

We have been open for 2 months and know it was the right decision."

Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Spa & Golf Club

"I have known of Fiorenzato UK from previous dealings with the company. I had worked for the Orchid group for several years and we had a contract with Fiorenzato to supply The Orchid Group with espresso machines throughout the UK. When I visited the showroom I was amazed by the look and style of the Piazza San Marco lever machine, we had only used traditional pumped machines in the past and I couldn’t believe how good the coffee tasted from a lever machine.

They are not the cheapest pieces of equipment but they are what I’d consider the best value for money coffee machine on the current market. They generate interest and theatre, since having them installed I’ve had a great response from my customers.

I would not hesitate to get another Fiorenzato in the future."

Daniela's of Jesmond

"Seven years ago I invested in an expensiveMatthew, general manager of the King's Head Hotel and Restaurant standing next to his Ducale 2 Group espresso machine 'bean to cup' machine under the illusion that it would produce great tasting coffee with efficiency and ease. However, I soon began to realise I had made a mistake. The machine was not producing the kind of quality coffee that I had been led to believe it would and also proved to be unreliable. I desperately wanted a return on my investment so proceeded to stick with it even though I knew it was not what I wanted. Finally, after much consideration and following further difficulties I decided to replace my failing 'bean to cup' machine with a traditional Fiorenzato Ducale.

The Ducale has proven to be an excellent and dependable piece of equipment. It is easy to use and the difference in the quality of coffee from what I was serving before is quite remarkable. I could not be happier with my new Ducale espresso machine, it is user-friendly, creates a consistently good cup of coffee and my sales have improved as a result. Furthermore, the service provided by Fiorenzato is exceptional. Fiorenzato have been extremely cooperative throughout the whole process, from helping to select the machine that was right for me to actually installing it and of course providing me with the necessary training and ongoing support. I only wish I had found Fiorenzato sooner!"

The King's Head, Hotel & Restaurant
Newton Under Roseberry

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