Fiorenzato are proud to present our...

...Exclusive Ducale espresso coffee machine package deal

With this package deal not only will you be getting a range of quality equipment to suit your coffee making requirements but you will also receive invaluable help and support from our experienced team of factory trained engineers.

Coffee is at the very centre of most thriving hospitality businesses that is why it must be treated with considerable respect.

There is a great profit margin to be made for coffee businesses providing the right equipment is used and sufficient staff training is given. Good coffee will increase your sales.

There are a number of package deals circulating the internet offered by companies who are clearly trying to hit a price point. Inevitably the quality of equipment in such packages is reflected in the total cost and as a result the equipment is lacking that overall quality.

Fiorenzato believe in providing a 100% quality service and have consequently created this package deal by carefully selecting only exceptional products which best compliment the Fiorenzato range.

fiorenzato_ducale_packageThe Fiorenzato UK unique package includes:

Ducale 2 Group Espresso Machine
K-6 Compak Auto Grinder
Deluxe Stainless Steel knockout drawer
Barista Equipment Kit Starter Pack
CTU Water Filter (10 litre)
Installation Commissioning
Staff Training

You will also receive the following free extra’s!

Free Starter Pack

Fiorenzato UK provide the following starter kit free of charge:

12 Caffe L’Antico Cappuccino Cups & Saucers
6 Caffe L’Antico Espresso Cups & Saucers
12 Caffe L’Antico Latte Glasses
6 Kilos of L’Antico Coffee Beans
1 Box White Sugar Sticks (Fair Trade If Necessary)
1 Box Brown Sugar Sticks (Fair Trade If Necessary)
2 Bottles of Monin Coffee Syrup of your choice

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Free Barista Equipment Kit

Furthermore, Fiorenzato UK provide the following Barista equipment kit free of charge:

Medium Foaming Jug
Large Foaming Jug
Machine Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Blank
Chocolate Shaker
Espresso Machine Cleaner

Fiorenzato take pride in providing efficient and high quality products to our valued clientele. We understand that a coffee business not only needs an espresso machine to operate successfully but also the essential extras that go with it.

The total cost of this package deal is £3895.00

This is an exceptional package deal worthy of any business operating within the hospitality industry.

This is a package without compromise.

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If you would like to purchase an espresso machine you can do so by clicking on the following link: Fiorenzato Ducale Package Deal. Or if you would like further information about our espresso machines then you can contact us by
telephone: 01642 455145 or send us an email to:

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