Ducale 2 Group Retro

Not only is this machine visually stunning, it is also built for purpose. The Fiorenzato Ducale espresso machine is designed to offer the user easy access to components in order to minimise maintenance costs.

The Fiorenzato Ducale has a unique design, supply groups on view and is made using strong stainless steel frame to assure a long life span. The Ducale has thermically balanced dispensing groups for proper espresso supply (thanks to its heat exchanger and hot water-heating plant).

The Ducale has an automatic water recharge system to make sure the boiler is kept at the correct level, an internal thermostat, pressure regulator and rotary pump which allows the pressure to be adjusted externally.

The Fiorenzato Ducale is truely a remarkable piece of equipment which is perfect for cafe's, bars restaurants and hotels.

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Unique, classic, timeless design

10 years from now this machine will still look good

Full stainless steel body and chassis

Available as a Compact 1, 2, 3 and 4 group espresso machine

Water economiser to help minimise steam loss

Proven quality E61 grouphead

2 multi-directional steam wands with ergonomic control knob

Easy access to all parts, reducing on-going labour costs

Fully electronic, programmable touchpads

Consistent, reliable and user-friendly

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