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Fiorenzato UK are the sole suppliers of Fiorenzato espresso machines in the U.K.

We operate from our main offices which are situated in Middlesbrough, North East England.

Fiorenzato is a company with a long history and has been providing a service to the coffee industry
since 1936. Fiorenzato is one of Italy's most celebrated coffee machine companies with decades of experience producing some of the finest products on the market.

It is our excellence of service that really sets us apart from the rest. Even with good quality products, many people struggle to make a decent cup of coffee. We aim to show you how to get the best out of your machine, helping you to gain a reputation for selling fantastic coffee, thereby boosting your profit and generating repeat business.

We have an on-site showroom and barista training facility as well as a parts and service workshop so we can repair your espresso machine in the unlikely event of breakdown and offer you our on-going support. We welcome you to make an appointment and pay us a visit so we can further discuss your needs and find the espresso machine that is right for you and your business.

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